New Zealand’s fresh produce wholesaler

The humble vegetable is no longer a side on the plate. It’s now front and centre, the hero of the dish.

There is a growing global trend toward eating a plant-based diet, and more people are choosing to embrace this fully as vegetarians or vegans. For major food producers and the restaurant and catering industry, this has presented the challenge of how to serve these customers.

But most importantly, it has given the industry the challenge of how to produce plant-based dishes that taste amazing, so those customers return time and again.

Championing vegetables

Wild Nation is a fresh produce wholesaler born from the desire to create vegetable alternatives to traditional dishes and find ways to make them better than the original.

As well as providing the food industry with consistent, quality vegetable products, we’re championing vegetables as the hero on the plate with products like Kai Pono.

Freshness guaranteed, every time

We source our vegetables from Hawke’s Bay, the fruit and vegetable bowl of New Zealand, which has an international reputation for growing great vegetables.

Consistency of quality, every time

All our vegetables are picked, processed and delivered in peak condition, so you’re always working with a consistent, quality raw or cooked product.

Focused on fabulous flavour

Our focus goes way beyond making products suitable for vegan and vegetarian diners. We’re on a mission to unleash vegetable flavours that even a meat eater will prefer.