The perfect vegetables for the foundation of your dishes. Pre-cut, processed and packaged to your requirements, every time.

In the demanding food and catering industry, saving time in the kitchen is essential for serving diners consistently prepared meals promptly. Our wholesale pre-cut vegetable products are picked at perfect ripeness for the best flavour, prepared, cut to order and chilled, frozen or cooked to meet your specific needs.

Fresh, Raw Vegetables.

Minimise preparation time, reduce labour and eliminate waste with our wide range of single or mixed vegetable products, prepared and supplied to order. Options include whole peeled, sliced, diced and chopped, meaning you can depend on getting a constant and consistent supply of quality vegetable products.

Value-added Vegetables

Our value-added vegetables come as standard products or can be prepared to match a specific flavour profile. They include sautéed onion, mirepoix and vegetable mixes which can be prepared to be suitable for vegan diners. These ready to use products are ideal for saving time and labour in the kitchen or as ingredients for food producers preparing products with vegetable bases.

Wild Nation Vege Bites.

100% plant-based vegetable bites. Dairy free. Egg free. The only ingredient they’re not missing is flavour.Wild Nation Vege Bites come in 6 mouth watering flavours, allowing you to create dishes vegan and vegetarian diners will return for time after time.