100% plant-based vegetable bites. Dairy free. Egg free. The only ingredient they’re not missing is flavour.

An honest fusion of the best of local cuisine with innovative global flavours. Wild Nation Vege Bites are 100% plant-based flavour bombs, pre-prepared for restaurants and the food industry. We supply our mouth watering vege bites direct to food distributors, food producers and chefs.

Why choose Wild Nation Vege Bites?

With the rising popularity of people eating plant-based diets, Kai Pono fills an important gap in the food market, offering an alternative product for fast food chains, caterers and restaurants wanting to serve vegan and vegetarian diners.

We make them from scratch, the same as a homemade vegetable product, listing all the ingredients contained. They’re easy to prepare, taste amazing and add rich colour to the plate.

Six mouth-watering flavours

Wild Nation Vege Bites come in six mouth-watering flavours, each bursting with colour for outstanding presentation in the restaurant.

  • Smoked Chipotle & Sweet Potato
  • Smashed Pea & Mint
  • Beet & Plum
  • Ranch Cauliflower & Plant-based Mozzarella
  • Sweetcorn & Plant-based Mozzarella
  • Jalapeno & Plant-based Mozzarella

Wild Nation Vege Bites

Smoked Chipotle
& Sweet Potato

Where sweet potato (kumara) meets the heat of the Mexican chipotle. These delightful bites deliver a base of sweet potato boosted with a delicious spicy kick of chipotle.

Wild Nation Vege Bites

Smashed Pea
& Mint

Bright green flavor delights, these sweet, yet earthy New Zealand green pea bites are elevated with a touch of real mint.

Wild Nation Vege Bites

& Plum

Infused with juicy plum from our beautiful Kiwi orchards, this is a contemporary twist on sweet & sour that will delight and will make you ask for more!

Wild Nation Vege Bites

Ranch Cauliflower
& Plant-based Mozzarella

Cauliflower delicately blended with creamy ranch. This flavorsome bite is deliciously comforting and best served with your favourite hot sauce.

Wild Nation Vege Bites

& Plant-based Mozzarella

A velvety mix of juicy buttery sweetcorn and rich plant-based mozzarella. A street-food favorite, wrapped up in a delicate crispy shell.

Wild Nation Vege Bites

& Plant-based Mozzarella

A fresh take on a classic pub favourite.
A mixture of rich plant-based mozzarella balanced with the spicy kick of jalapeno.

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly!

All the ingredients in Wild Nation Vege Bites are suitable for vegan or vegetarian diners. They can be used as a replacement for falafel, as bar snacks, or as the main component for vegan and vegetarian dishes. Contact us to secure your supply of Wild Nation Vege Bites.